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Effective All Natural Mosquito Control Trap And Elimination By Mosquito Warden - Mosquito Warden Kit

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Mosquito Warden Features

  • Emits a CO² scent that attracts mosquitoes
  • Low voltage safe for all children and pets
  • Attracts and traps insects with a special bug-attracting LED light
  • Insects are collected and dry out in detachable bottom tray, easy to empty
  • Multiple units can be connected to protect any size yard
  • No corrosion and maintenance free
  • Average working life of the LED bulb: 50,000 hours (6 years)
  • Suitable for both hanging and floor placement
No mosquito zone
Suitable for:
  • Gardens and Terraces
  • Homes
  • Yards
  • Public areas
  • Outdoor dinning

Mosquito Control Trap- Naturally

The Mosquito Warden is the best mosquito trap that doesn't use any harsh chemicals or fumes. The unique CO² scent combined with the insect light trap attracts mosquitoes away from people, while the strong mosquito vacuum draws them in. The device then traps the insects in the collection tray beneath the unit. It is an all natural outdoor mosquito control system that eliminates all blood seeking insects permanently by breaking the breeding cycle.

Each Mosquito Warden unit covers an area of 1100 SQ/FT and can be combined with multiple units for larger areas. Making this outdoor mosquito trap device the best backyard mosquito control eliminator.

What Makes Our Unit Different?

Unlike competitor units, the Mosquito Warden allows you to place up to 4 weather-proof units exactly where they are needed creating a bug-free zone around your property.

Special LED light is engineered to attack blood-seeking insects and has a life expectancy of 50,000 hours (6 years).

Units connect easily underground via a direct burial, low-voltage wire. One low voltage transformer plug is required and it can power up to 4 units not more than 250 feet away from the power receptacle.

Warranty Information

Limited 5 year bulb and 2 year component warranty

QB ID: MW-200Multi-1


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