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Biopin Coating is committed to providing the absolute best in do-it-yourself patio decking tiles. One way we meet our high quality standards is by using Biopin coating on our Ipe wood tiles. Biopin is a German innovation in wood-preserving products. A single coating of Biopin protects against damage from water, UV rays, wear and tear over time, and fungi like mildew. This coating itself is durable as it easily absorbed by and strongly adheres to the wood without flaking, ensuring the protection of the tiles for a considerable length of time. Moreover, Biopin allows the natural beauty of the wood to remain apparent by permitting the wood to ventilate and breathe as it naturally should. Similarly, it is manufactured to be a safe, made-from-nature finishing product.

Biopin's manufacturer adheres to the highest safety and quality standards. To begin with, the manufacturer meets or exceeds ISO 9000 regulations, which require testing on 100% of all products being produced in a single factory. Likewise, Biopin meets all ISO 14001 regulations, which is the International Organization for Standards measure for environmentally conscious practices. This is accomplished by using nature-based ingredients in the creation of Biopin. For instance, the iron oxide pigments are derived from pigments found in nature and are tested to be non-toxic, making it safe for humans and the environment. The elements used to improve the coating and hardening aspects of this formula are also drawn from nature; they are created from pine resin. Furthermore, Biopin is formulated from linseed oil extracts, which is designed to enhance penetration into and adhesion to the wood, as well as increase the anti-brittle qualities of the finish. It is important to note that linseed oil is attributed with the enduring quality of such classic art as that produced by Van Gogh and Rembrandt. It is in this way that eco-conscious practices result in the highest quality product possible.

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