Do It Yourself Wood Deck Tiles - replace that old looking deck with DIY Patio Deck Tiles

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Deck 'n Go Design is excited to be offering Deck 'n Go products. Our relationship with this manufacturer allows us to offer the most distinctive products and lowest prices. The tiles we offer on this site feature the exclusive no slip grooves, which offer a variety of benefits. Firstly, they are safer because they allow traction for anyone walking across them, which will prevent falls and slips. Secondly, they allow water to drain away from the surface of the tile more easily, which will add to the life of the tiles. Finally, the unique grooved surface reflects light differently under varied lighting conditions, creating a myriad of wood tones with the same tiles. This enhances the overall beauty of the deck or patio.

These Deck 'n Go tiles offer other exclusive features such as the snap together edges that easily connect for various patterns, including the preferred checkerboard design. Additionally, the four-plank design is more comfortable for bare feet and it enhances the stability and strength of the tile for a long-lasting, attractive patio deck.

Deck 'n Go Design
diypatio-dcinstall-before diypatio-dcinstall-after
This unfinished patio appears dirty and unkempt. Now finished, the patio has a professional appearance with Edge-Perfect Edging and our snap together patio tiles.
This traditional wood deck is showing quite a bit of weathering. Refinishing this deck with our wood tiles is more economical than replacing the deck and it offers a very rich, warm appearance.
diypatio before diypatio after
Our Edge-Perfect edging can be used on customized tiles, including those cut on a curve, because it does not snap onto the tiles.
This customized edge is completed with Edge-Perfect edging.  This would be impossible with other edging pieces because they must be snapped onto the uncut edge of the tiles.
Our tiles are easy to customize - simply plan the customized cuts, remove any screws from the lattice underneath, and cut.

Our patio tiles create an inviting entryway for this home.  The checkerboard pattern is a natural effect of the snap together design and grooves of our tiles.
reflects light for ever changing tones.