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Show Off Your Deck Designs

The amount of home improvement shows on TV is a good indication of our society’s love of renovating and overhauling properties. With budget designing and big reveals our lust for new and improved will never be satiated. If planning and implementing your decking designs gives you a thrill? Imagine how it will feel to show off your masterpiece!

After Patio Deck

At DIYPatioDeck we support the Do-It-Yourself spirit and are putting you to the challenge ?submit your patio photos to us and we’ll offer your handy work a spot on our website. Plus, in addition to bragging rights, for a limited time we are offering a 5% rebate to our customers who submit digital photos of their installed decking via e-mail.

Also, we’d love to see a before and after! Feel free to send along picture of your backyard before your install and then the afterwards of your brand new patio area (see customer installation photos below as an example).

How Do I Submit?
Sending in your pictures is simple! Upon finishing the installation of your outdoor area, e-mail us your detailed digital pictures* of the finished installation to along with your name, address and invoice #. Then we'll send you a rebate of 5% off your decking supply purchase (excluding the cost of applied tax or shipping).

Finally, you have the chance to show off your design work just like on the home improvement shows you see on T.V.

*By submitting photographs you are agreeing to have your property and all persons in the photo displayed on our website.

Before Patio Deck After Patio Deck
Before Sitting Area After Sitting Area
Front Walkway