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Deck 'n Go Edge Perfect Merbau Edging Strips w/ Anti-Decadent Coating

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These Merbau wood edging strips with anti-decadent coating are designed to lower the risk of tripping on the snapping edges of the tiles. They are constructed with a sloping edge to provide a finished appearance to the tile decking. Because they require being secured to the foundation of the patio, they make the decking a more permanent feature; the row of tiles to which they are attached cannot be unsnapped and removed from the edging. However, the versatility to change the design of this decking is maintained since the other tiles can be unsnapped, removed, and rearranged. The edging strips are coated with an anti-decadent material which helps to protect the wood from the natural causes of deterioration, so they can withstand the deteriorating effects of year-round use. recommends re-applying a similar finish every three months. We recommend Zar brand finishes, which are easily applied with a rollerbrush. Moreover, Merbau wood is naturally durable and resistant to termites and other insects, making it well-adapted to outdoor installation.


These edging strips are customizable and easy to install. Each strip is 3 feet in length and fits right over the edge of our tiles, whether they have the snapping edges or not. For installation on concrete, drill holes into the strips and mark the placement of the holes in the concrete foundation and drill into the concrete to create a hole slightly smaller than the screw that will be used. To complete the installation, stabilize the strips with concrete screws (sold in most hardware stores; they are blue with an attached drill bit). For installation on wood, simply nail the strips into place. Corner pieces will need to be cut at an angle with a miter saw or miter box. The benefit of these strips is that they create more professional appearance, prevent lifting of the edge tiles, and reduce the risk of people tripping on the unfinished snapping edges of the end tiles.

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