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Deck 'n Go Fir Wood Decking Tiles - Treated

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These Fir wood tiles are pre-treated for lasting quality and easily install to create an elegant deck area. With a yellowish-tan color, the Fir Deck ‘n Go tiles fit in with most patio furniture colors and compliment nearby landscaping. Each tile is unique with a natural wood pattern; this rustic styling offers character and dimension. The Fir wood is a durable wood species with charming knots for a stunning visual appeal. The tiles easily snap together installing with minimal tools making an end result that is nearly effortless.

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Fir wood is naturally resistant to rot and insect destruction. To enhance this durability, Deck ‘n Go is also treated to further help protect against deterioration. Deck ‘n Go recommends re-applying a similar finish periodically to maintain optimal finish durability. Fir is commonly used in the manufacturing of windows, doors, moldings, paneling, furniture parts and interior/exterior trim products. It is also a popular choice for outdoor furniture and garden products. Deck ‘n Go, a premier decking brand is proud to offer a one year warranty for the Fir deck tile.

Distressed Wood Tile

For those looking to get that natural distressed look of older, well-used wood without  having to wait years for the wood to age or worry about decomposition problems, we offer our exclusive Fir  wood tiling.  Fir is a soft wood and takes easily to distressing techniques, like  scuffing, sanding, and chiseling.  Even though it's soft, Fir has a strong grain. It can stand up to the process of using steel wool or chains to work the wood. This means that the tile won't be totally destroyed in the process and the distressed look will last the lifetime of the product . Our tiles are the perfect size for DIY distressed flooring in a flash.  We recommend that you distress your Fir tile before installation for that beautiful, well-used appearance.

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These Deck ‘n Go tiles are ideal for uncomplicated and hassle-free installation of exterior entryway or patio decking. The tiles easily snap together, and because of the geometric design, it's effortless to create a beautiful outdoor leisure area. Each tile is 1 inch high from the ground and 1 foot square, with four slats. Since these are hearty Fir wood tiles minimal upkeep is needed. A simple hose down is all they need to be cleaned. As mentioned above, on an as needed basis an additional layer of coating should be applied. If tiles get nicked they will be same color on top as they are on inside. Deck ‘n Go tiles are totally customizable. If necessary, it is possible to cut the interlocking tiles to a smaller size, or unique shape to conform to the design of each individual deck or patio.

The elevated bottom and evenly designed slats offer better airflow and quicker drying than previous decking styles. Both of these features are essential to the design of the tile because they allow water to drain away from the wood, extending the longevity of the deck. As a result, Deck ‘n Go advises against filling in the gaps with grouting or other sealers. The tiles are secured in multiple paces with stainless steel screws to the base. The base has interlocking clips and grooves to allow for simple snapping of tiles together to join them.

Deck ‘n Go, through use of the exclusive Edge-Perfect system, is the only company that can provide a complete deck with edging to accommodate customized tiles. Edge-Perfect edging is sold separately right here on Corners and edging strips are purchasable by the piece to reduce over purchasing and help save you money.

Orders are shipped in 1 to 2 business days. Tiles may be bought individually and are shipped via UPS or FedEx for small orders, or freight truck for large orders. Any order over $799 is shipped for FREE in the continental US via ground service.

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Deck 'n Go (Traditional) Installation Deck 'n Go (Checkerboard) Installation

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